Nervous Patients And Pain Free Dentistry

For anyone that gets anxious about dental appointments and procedures, our experts here at Eastbourne Gentle Dental will make you feel relaxed and at ease upon entering the surgery. For peace of mind we offer a range pain free dentistry should you be in need of any.

Local Anaesthetic

Before any injection, numbing cream will be applied to the gums. The anaesthetic is is warmed to body temperature so that there is no stinging sensation. The numbing process is carried out in stages, where a professional checks to make sure the area is fully numb before moving on to the procedure.


The Wand

Controlled by a computer, the wand can anaesthetise the tooth that needs treating by slowly dripping local anaesthetic into the area. As an added bonus it only numbs the tooth being treated, it wears off a lot quicker than a normal anaesthetic, and its syringe free!


IV Sedation

We offer a referral for IV sedation, if you need something stronger than the anti-anxiety oral drug we can provide. This is provided through an IV injection which is inserted into the back of your hand. It is not general Anaesthesia as you are still in a semi conscious state. You usually have no recollection of any treatment after it is completed. It is highly effective and you would need to be escorted and driven home after this as well.


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