Dental Implants

When it comes to dental implants you need highly trained professionals who know exactly what they are doing, to ensure that the implant is fitted correctly and safely. At Eastbourne Gentle Dental we have very experienced and professional dental implantologists who can adhere to your needs and hold an extremely high implant success rate.

There are range of different reasons why certain individuals may need implants and here are a few of those listed below.

Do you have any gaps in your teeth?

Single tooth implants are ideal for any gaps within the mouth. These gaps can be restored with a natural tooth implant that will be specifically selected, to closely match the tooth that was there previously. In most cases these will be for individuals with failing teeth due to advanced gum disease, loose teeth or teeth that might be broken, and also failed root canal.

Does your  mouth have any large gaps where there is a failing tooth adjacent?

Individuals with larger gaps can have them restored with the implementation of a supported dental bridge. This is ideal for people with large sections of missing teeth, and is an option if conventional bridges are no longer feasible. These tend to have a higher success rate than conventional bridges or dentures, and you will not only benefit from an aesthetical gain but also all normal functionality will be restored as well.

Do you have full denture that may have loosened over time, perhaps it’s not effective as it once was?


For individuals in these cases, dental implants can literally be life changing! A brand new full arch of implants means no more having to sterilise your dentures every night, not having to worry about cleaning them after every meal, and not stressing about the embarrassment should they start to slip out when speaking to someone. Here at Eastbourne Gentle Dental Care our pain free dental procedures can give you’re a more practical, and more aesthetically pleasing new lease of life.

Are you in need of  replacement but aren’t in a position to afford implants?

An implant supported denture is an option we provide for individuals in these circumstances. This is where up to four implants are inserted into the jaw to provide optimal benefits. Patients will find that their dentures will become more secure and they won’t need to worry about adhesives. They can eat whenever they want and indulge to their hearts desire. Their overall appearance is well-maintained thanks to bone level preservation. As a bonus lip support is also restored which can minimise obvious signs of the ageing process.
Some more advantages of dental implants are listed below:
  • Having a gap in your mouth can lead to movement of the surrounding teeth, which could lead to further complications. Daily tasks like chewing when eating meals will also put added stress on the other teeth which can reduce their functionality over time.

  • Implants are known for a high success rate when it comes to gap restoration, and our implantologists are have some of the highest success rates in Sussex!

  • They are a far better alternative to dentures and bridges, because they fuse with your jaw bone to the depth of a normal tooth root, and are then restored with a quality, highly functioning crown. This gives you a natural result with full functionality.

  • Dentures are known for being rather tricky to maintain. Your bite will be significantly reduced, there will be meals that will prove difficult to eat, and you can often loose taste sensation. Implants will able you to eat your meals as you normally would and enjoy it!

  • Dental implants are the closest thing you will get to actual teeth, from the way they are fused to the bone, to the way they support your other teeth collectively at mealtimes. Of course they look great too!


Dental Implant Prices:

Dental implants are the ultimate solution to any gaps with the highest success rate of all the dental restorations.

Call us to find out more and to book an initial assessment appointment with one of our highly experienced and qualified implantologists to see if implants are a viable option for you.

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